Pardus Community Server Edition 3.0RC2


By Cavit Vural

Pardus Server, which greatly facilitates the establishment “stable / wheezy” based Pardus Community Server ISO ‘s I have prepared.

32bit Debian Installer only 486 organizations that offer support organizations with 486 cores will be made. Founded after the 686-pae kernel can use them without any problems.
64Bit :
MD5 : bfb0b3938b24065b33447734204d04b4

32Bit :
MD5 : eb0d5b9594ed9751cb61cd15ecee19b7


General Features

Kernel 3.2.54 + all drivers ve firmware packages
Debian Installer (raid ve lvm support)
GNOME 3.4.2
PostgreSQL 9.1.12
Cups 1.5.3
Samba 3.6.6
Postfix 2.9.6
webmin 1.680 ( https://localhost:10000 )
apache 2.2.22
php5 5.4.4
vsftpd 2.3.5

Pardus Community 3.0RC2 GNOME-KDE-XFCE has been released



Pardus Community 3.0 RC2 is ready for testing and download.
-Time zone problems solved
- it did not see Flash memory automatically, adding udisks2 corrected.
-nvidia and fglrx packages have been removed. nouveau and radeon activated.
-pardus-config-xorg removed
-ACP has been optimized settings.
-Broadcom ethernet card firmware-b43-installer for the firmware and firmware-b43legacy-installer-ti-added connectivity packages.
Pardus installer
-Section can not be formatted so that it is setup error and it changed.
-In summary, detailed setup information section.

We invite you to use our new version Pardus Community Edition 3.0RC2.

All kinds of feedback facilitates us to produce a better Pardus.

Thanks for now
Pardus Community

You can download from:Download

Pardus Community 2.0 GNOME has been released


** Kernel 3.10.11
** 3D Ironvolt icon set
** Simlified installation
** GNOME 3.8.4 (with 3.4.2 shell)
** Preinstalled NVIDIA 304.108 and ATI 13.4 drivers
** Alll multimedia codes and firmwares
** LibreOffice 4.1.1
** Firefox 24.0
** Thunderbird 24.0
** Chromium 29.0.1547.57
** Adobe Flash Player
** VLC Media Player 2.0.8
** Skype
** Teamviewer 7.0.9377
** Wine 1.4.1
** GIMP 2.8.6, Scribus 1.4.3 ,Inkscape 0.48

Pardus Community 2.0 RC2 is ready.


Pardus Community 2.0 RC2 is ready.
Pardus Community 2.0 RC2 is released and available in four flavors. GNOME (x86, amd64) and KDE (x86, amd64).

Community version suitable for personal use and incorporates all the applications needed by end-users. Debian Sid used for preparation of the Community version.

Improvements have been made with Ati and Nvidia drivers. (Nvidia 304.88 – Ati(fglrx)13.4 ) (Notebooks working with dual graphics card problem is solved.)

Problems about pardus-config-xorg is solved

Icons desinged with ironvolt based.

Pardus Installer simplified

Relation problems of OpenGL / Mesa GLX is solved

Firefox 23.0.1

Thunderbird 17.0.8

TeamViewer and Skype

Linux 3.10.7 as kernel

Download :

For a better version of Commnity version you can report errors to the link :

Pardus Community 2.0 RC1 Announcement


Pardus Community project, Pardus Community 2.0 RC1 offers a newly developed new stable release candidate. Pardus Community comes with many new features the new version 2.0. For example, on both 32-bit and 64-bit software, able and automatically resolve dependencies provide. Infrastructure using Debian Sid, bugs have been corrected and updated on the system being configured in a controlled manner so that the possibility of using the most current versions available.Improvements have been made with Ati and Nvidia drivers. (Nvidia 304.88 – Ati(fglrx)13.4 ) (Notebooks working with dual graphics card problem is solved.)
Icons desinged with ironvolt basxed.

This distribution is a myriad of software packages up to date, some of them:
Apache 2.4.6-2
GIMP 2.8.6-1
GNOME desktop environment 3.8.4 ‘s updated version of the
The GNU Compiler Collection 4.8.1-2
22 Mozilla Firefox
17.2 ESR Mozilla Thunderbird
KDE Plasma Workspaces and KDE Applications 4.10.5
LibreOffice 4.1
Linux Kernel 3.10.3
MySQL 5.5.31
OpenJDK 7u25
Perl 5.14.2
PHP 5.5.1
PostgreSQL 2.0.3-5
Python 2.7.5 — 3.3.2
Samba 3.6.16
Xen Hypervisor 4.2.2
X.Org 1.12.4
VLC 2.0.8
Wine 1.4.1

nearly 17,500 source packages created more than 36,000 software packages ready for use.
Pardus 2.0 uses Debian package options offered such a wide range, up to the target once again and continued to be a universal operating system. Desktop systems, netbooks are suitable for use in many areas such as web

Pardus Community Edition 2.0RC1 can be downloaded from the project’s FTP servers. Source code for the distribution’s own tools, such as its desktop greeter and configuration manager, is available on GitHub.

Pardus Community Edition 1.0 Release Announcement

Hi everyone;

We are doing a stable and usefull linux called Pardus Community Edition 1.0 .We are sure you’ll enjoy the many improvements. We done our best, stability and security that you have come to expect.Pardus Community Edition 1.0 is now based on Debian/Wheezy and built using tools provided by the debian-live project. Easy to install and use. And also all drivers is included

GNOME (x86, amd64) and KDE (x86, amd64).

1) Pardus Community Edition will be sleeker and full of useful applications. No more multiple binaries and manpages.
2) Pardus Community Edition will make Linux easier for users who don’t know about linux terminal commands.
3) Pardus Community Edition will contain a installation simply install the basedisk, copy the distribution disks to the harddrive and let the machine install the release while you do more interesting things.
4) Pardus Community Edition will contain a system setup procedure that will attempt to setup and configure everything, for example grafic cards,printers and many more…
5) Pardus Communty will contain a menu system that WORKS… menu-driven package installation and upgrading utility, menu-driven system setup, menu-driven help system, and menu-driven system administration.
6) Pardus Community Edition will be extensively documented (more than just a few READMEs).
7) As we put together Pardus Community Edition, we are keeping a meticulous record of where we got everything. This will allow the end-user to not only know where to get the source, but whether or not the most recent version is a part of Pardus Community Edition Release. This record will help to keep the Pardus Community Edition release as up-to-date as possible.

Downloading Pardus Community Edition 1.0 Release:

The full version of Pardus Community Edition 1.0 Release is available for download from the central Pardus Community Edition 1.0 Release FTP site hosted by our friends at

If the sites are busy, see the list of official mirror sites here:

We will be setting up BitTorrent downloads for the official ISO images. Stay tuned to for the latest updates.

Instructions for burning the Pardus Community Edition Web Site that

All images are hybrid ISO files. You can burn them to DVDs or clone to your favorite USB storage device via dd (or something similar). All images boots as live CDs but they can be installed to your computer with included installer.